Thursday, April 26, 2012

6 Types of Herbal Tea & Benefits for the Body

Herbal teas have been used over thousands of years ago as a natural remedy to address a wide range of diseases and health conscious. Unfortunately, modern medicine has made many people forget terh herbal properties. As quoted from All Women Stalk, the following seven selection of herbal teas and health benefits.
1. Chamomile tea
If you often feel anxious, try to drink chamomile tea because it can make you feel calmer. Besides useful as antidepressants, chamomile tea is also beneficial for those who have insomnia problems.

Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory drugs (anti-inflammatory) are very strong, so you can get benefits by mouth, inhaled steam or soak the fabric is then placed on the sore area. Chamomile is also useful to treat menstrual cramps in women.

2. Peppermint
If you feel a full stomach with gas or bloating, you need to do is brew a cup of peppermint tea. This tea is also an ideal drug to relieve headache. Take 1-2 teaspoon dried peppermint leaves. Add hot water to the leaves, then close your cup and let stand for about 10 minutes. After that, strain the herb and you can enjoy homemade peppermint tea.

3. Juniper tea
Juniper (a type of berry fruits) can help the detoxification process is not only toxic but also remove excess fluid. It is very important for women, given the body tends to retain water in some periods of the menstrual cycle. In addition, this tea can also serve as an antiseptic to prevent inflammation of the bladder. In fact, some people also believe if one herbal tea can cure swine flu.

4. Green tea
There have been many people who know the benefits of this tea. Green tea is the most powerful source of antioxidants that can help improve body functions. In addition to increasing metabolism, green tea can also be lose weight. Therefore, this tea is often consumed by those who are dieting.

5. Ginger Tea
Ginger tea can be used when you experience motion sickness. Drinking ginger tea is far healthier than the nausea-relieving pills that are sold on the market. Ginger tea will give comfort to the nervous stomach and make you more bernergi.

6. Lemon Mint Tea
For those of you who want to gain weight, you should drink this refreshing herbal tea. Contrary to the benefits of green tea that helps lose weight, lemon mint tea is rich in these antioxidants can actually increase your appetite.

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